Engineering applies the nuances of science, technology, and creativity to contribute to various economic sectors. It is one of the most popular career choices of students in India with a mass appeal. The 90s era saw a boom in this field where a majority of students opted for Engineering. The popularity of the field is a result of its extensive career scope and interdisciplinary nature. Aspiring engineering students have the added responsibility of selecting an appropriate college. The process can be quite a task for students and their parents, especially when there's an ocean of engineering colleges in UP out there. To simplify this process, this article has some important steps listed to follow while making an informed decision.

The hunt for a perfect engineering college begins immediately after the announcement of the 12th board results. Students are met with the crucial decision of selecting an appropriate college that will help them become adept engineers. The current competitive market demands advanced technical knowledge along with domain-specific expertise from engineers. To achieve this, it's vital to not sway away from the grand outer appearance or brand of the institution and focus on its potential. Here are the top 8 tips to select the best engineering colleges in UP after the 12th:

●    Finalizing Area of Interest 

The decision to seek an engineering career brings along numerous fields to choose from. Researching them well and finding out your area of interest is imperative. This extends to finding out the potential and relevance of your field in the global market. Students should also align their passion with their careers while making a decision. 

●    Researching and Categorizing Colleges 

Students tend to be swayed away by peer pressure or advice from elders while choosing a college. Very often they forget to gather all the information about the college with all its aspects. This can be quite damaging to one's career. To avoid making such mistakes, students must categorize the colleges that offer their preferred course after considering a list of criteria. 

●    Prioritizing Personal Preferences 

The criteria mentioned above facilitate categorizing the list of your potential colleges. The step that follows is prioritizing your preferences based on these criteria. The importance that each factor carries is subjective. Students should decide the factors that are non-negotiable for them followed by the factors of lesser importance. This helps in getting a perspective about which colleges match your criteria to the T. 

●    Scholarships and Financial Aids 

Engineering falls under the costlier fields of education. Fortunately, many colleges offer grants and scholarships to facilitate the education of students who need it. In India, scholarships and financial aid are provided to students with merit along with students who fall below the poverty line or belong to a special category. Students need to check their eligibility for any scholarship or financial aid well in advance. It is advisable to keep all the necessary documents that are required to avail of these benefits. It's important to find detailed information on this and choose a college accordingly. 

●    Quality Over Everything 

A lot of students commit the mistake of choosing a college merely based on its brand or its popularity. While doing so they sideline many important aspects of the college that might not cater to their needs. In this case, prioritizing a preferred stream over the college brand is essential. It's important to check if the college has the potential to convert its promises into actual facilities that enhance the learning experience. 

●    Placement and Internships 

Getting placed in good companies is one of the primary concerns of students. Hence, researching the placement and internship facilities of a college beforehand is advisable. The institution-industrial interface must also be checked to make a well-informed decision. 

●    Campus Resources 

An all-rounder college provides not just excellent education but also some world-class facilities. This includes laboratories, libraries, computer access, sports facilities, etc. These add up to the holistic development of the student and hence, are important. 

●    Programs Offered 

While selecting engineering colleges in UP it is advisable to make sure to check all the programs that it offers in the preferred field. Thinking about long-term goals is also essential. If an individual is planning to pursue higher education, they should make sure to check for it in the programs offered by the said college. This will ensure a smooth transition into their further studies. 

Summing Up 

Any Engineering field can be extremely rewarding with numerous career advancement opportunities to choose from. Its interdisciplinary nature widens the career scope in the global market. An engineering degree can ensure jobs in both the public and the private sectors. Colleges play a massive role in creating professional engineers for the global market. Hence, it requires thorough research and careful planning.