Security service is critical in today's environment. The primary goal of security services is to keep our workplaces, schools, companies, banks, and citizens safe. To achieve this purpose, security organizations will use professional security personnel. Security guard companies in Malaysia would have different responsibilities based on their job characteristics. These might range from site patrol to serving as a bouncer in a bar. Nonetheless, security guards have some general responsibilities. Let us go through them in depth.

General duties of security guards 

Security guards are the most important part of security guard companies in Malaysia. Some of their general duties are: 

Securing perimeter

Security guards will routinely monitor the area where they are operating. Any strange occurrences in the area will be noticed and investigated. If they come across someone engaging in any unlawful conduct, they will immediately contact the police. They will also be required to perform regular patrols of the area, checking for signs of forced entry or suspicious activity. Security guards are responsible for ensuring the safety of people and property within their jurisdiction.

Constant monitoring

Typically, a security guard will be hired to continually watch the site's live CCTV feed. This is critical in corporate situations. especially when dealing with high-value commodities. Jewelry and electronics stores are routinely targeted by thieves. The guards will use CCTV to closely watch any suspicious individuals and their movements. If someone tries to steal something, they will be apprehended before they can flee.

Controlling the entry and exit points

Security guards will be stationed at the site's entry gate. They are in charge of allowing access to the premises in accordance with the company's set policy. Guards will guarantee that only authorized personnel enter a workplace. Individuals will have to pass through metal detectors in the case of a business.

Residential security guards will also log who enters and exits. They will note the individual's name, entry, and exit times.

Crowd control

Security guards are routinely hired to regulate crowds at large events such as political rallies, religious organizations, and even parties. This is done to protect people and property and to avoid dangerous scenarios such as stampedes and riots. In order to efficiently regulate crowds, security guards typically have a system in place that includes logging the identity of individuals that are entering and exiting the area. Additionally, security guards may also carry devices such as walkie-talkies and flashlights that help them communicate with each other and monitor the environment.

Provide consultency to employers

Security guards are regularly requested to advise their employers on the best security and safety measures in addition to all of their other responsibilities. Security guards should be prepared to detail the potential consequences of failing to listen to their employer's advice in order to persuade them to do so. They must also take all reasonable care to ensure that all security and safety procedures are followed. By providing consulting services to their employers, security guards can help ensure that the workplace is secure and that all individuals are safe.

First line of defense

A security guard must be able to respond promptly in all sorts of dangerous circumstances. They should always be on the lookout. A security guard must be able to respond rapidly in a variety of dangerous situations. Their reactions may differ depending on the scenario.